We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with Intraprise. As a new combined organization, we have the opportunity to transform the current Level1Analytics product to the most capable and scalable valuation platform available on the market.


by Laura Roberto

Level1Analytics & Intraprise Solutions Join Forces, Providing Advanced Valuation Software to Banking Industry

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Level1Analytics LLC and Intraprsie Solutions, Inc. are proud to announce that they have merged. Operating as Intraprise Solutions, Inc, the combined organization will offer Level1Analytics®, an affordable, accurate, market valuation and stress testing Software as a Service solution. 

Intraprise’s 20+ years of involvement and connection with the Level1Analytics product and team has laid the groundwork for a smooth transition and effective partnership; the Level1Analytics and Intraprise teams will together deploy valuation software designed to enable financial organizations to compete effectively in our digital economy.

Read the full press release.

About Level1Analytics

Level1Analytics® was founded to provide the financial services industry with affordable, accurate, in-house market valuation and stress testing solutions that match the capabilities of the largest financial institutions. Offering affordable, accurate, in-house market valuation and stress testing solutions that match the capabilities of the largest financial institutions, the Level1Analytics software and specially tailored services deliver accurate results, allowing their customers to make confident decisions regarding their mortgage and mortgage-related assets. 

Our solutions are a simple, cost effective way to obtain accurate and defensible mark-to-market analyses. A first-of-its-kind cloud based software provides financial institutions with access to critical mortgage valuation and models without the high costs or specialized staff.

About Intraprise

Intraprise is a successful Digital Technology Services team driven by four core values: empathy, humility, curiosity, perseverance. For a quarter century, Intraprise has built solutions that empower and transform businesses across markets. The people behind Intraprise have remained grounded in the idea that digital transformation is a process not an event, and it’s about far more than deploying the latest technologies. Success demands we listen to understand and engage with empathy to deliver solutions tailored to the unique needs of each customer.

Our mission is to enable highly adaptive organizations’ ability to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing and uncertain digital ecosystem. By creatively combining our experience, passion, and record of transformative innovation with our customers’ domain expertise and perspective, we deliver tomorrow’s digital technology solutions today.

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