We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with Intraprise. As a new combined organization, we have the opportunity to transform the current Level1Analytics product to the most capable and scalable valuation platform available on the market.


by Megan Fisher

Remove the Guesswork: Prepay Powered by Level1Analytics

Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Prepay by Level1Analytics model is empirically supportable and eliminates judgment. Driven in the short-term by changes in market rates, and in the longer run by evolving changes in mortgagor behavior.  It is a far better reflection of actual mortgagor behavior; with better, more accurate data, your team is empowered to make the most effective decisions, saving time and money.

What makes Prepay by Level1Analytics better?

  • Infinitely more reflective of mortgagor behavior than Dealer Consensus
  • Less volatile since “median dealer consensus” models can change significantly from period to period for reasons other than rate changes
  • Empirically supportable
  • Judgment-free
  • Driven in the short-term by changes in market rates, and in the long run by evolving changes in mortgagor behavior.

Create More Value with the Right Data Points

Our team uses two curves to project loan level prepay speeds by month. These curves are updated monthly based on actual mortgagor behavior. While rates may go up or down pretty significantly from period to period, mortgagor behavior tends to change relatively slowly over time. Prepayment speeds for the servicing portfolio are based on the L1A proprietary prepay model, factoring in all relevant data, so that you have more accurate and precise data with which to make informed decisions. 

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