We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with Intraprise. As a new combined organization, we have the opportunity to transform the current Level1Analytics product to the most capable and scalable valuation platform available on the market.

What We Do

Level1Analytics® provides affordable, accurate, in-house market valuation and stress testing solutions that match the capabilities of the largest financial institutions. A great fit for small or mid-sized banks, the L1A software and specially tailored services deliver accurate results, allowing their customers to make confident decisions regarding their mortgage and mortgage-related assets. Our solutions are a simple, cost effective way to obtain accurate and defensible mark-to-market analyses. A first-of-its-kind cloud based software provides financial institutions with access to critical mortgage valuation and models without the high costs or specialized staff.

  • Quickly and accurately perform Mortgage Servicing Rights Valuations, SBA Loan and Servicing Valuations, Credit and Prepay Stress Testing, Pipeline Valuations, Cash Flow Analysis, and Loan Level Reporting

  • Valuation software and services that are tailored to your organization’s specific and unique needs

  • Utilizes cloud-enabled model is constantly updated and upgraded with zero infrastructure overhead for clients

  • Unbiased value results, with no conflict of interest help your institution support informed decision making

  • We work quickly to get you the accurate information you need in a timely manner

A Suite of Customized Software and Tools

Level1Analytics® has a comprehensive set of analytical and reporting instruments to service and interpret your data. This, along with our own sets of data and comparative research tools yield proven results. Add value to your valuations by understanding them with testing and predictive algorithms


A cloud-based system that provides our customers with in-house capabilities to cost-effectively value and stress test their mortgage related assets with accuracy and speed.

The web-enabled platform allows customers to perform:

  • mark-to-market and economic valuations
  • default & prepay risk analysis
  • loan-loss-provision estimates

Our hosted application delivers straightforward, defensible outputs, helping customers better understand complex assets and make confident decisions without the high monetary and time investments for hardware, software, and specialized staff.


A division of Level1Analytics®, Level1Data aims to provide difficult to obtain historical, actual, and predictive information through the acquisition, conversion, integration, and synthesis of select databases from business, academic, and government sources.

We make swift work of millions of data points and deliver an easy-to-understand analysis with the click of a button.

Our current data products:

  • Proprietary Prepayment Probability Model (coming soon)
  • Residential Mortgage Prepay Analysis
  • Monthly Market Assumptions
  • Monthly MSR Index
  • Bank Financial Detail
  • Quarterly Housing Price Index

Market Overview

Industry insights by the Level1Analytics® Team

    The Benefits


    Accurate, defensible market value outputs to support informed decision making based on fair value results


    Customizable solutions and personalized reporting based on each client or customer's unique requirements and needs


    Software solutions & advisory services deliver all of the analytic power and insights without the hefty financial investment


    Private and secure portal that meets and exceeds all unique and stringent data security requirements


    Cloud-based model updated and upgraded with zero infrastructure overhead for clients, with the fastest turnaround on the market


    Real-time reporting and transparency, including loan level detail, assumptions, prepay speeds, accounting reports, etc.

    About Us

    Level1Analytics® was founded to provide the financial services industry with affordable, accurate, in-house market valuation and stress testing solutions that match the capabilities of the largest financial institutions. Regardless of location or size, banks, insurance companies, credit unions, investors, and other related institutions deserve and require access to accurate mortgage servicing valuation and modeling.

    While our client base includes some of the largest banks, mortgage banks, insurance companies, and government institutions in the industry, we are also well suited to serve small and mid-sized institutions. Our data security meets and exceeds all of the unique and stringent requirements of any institution, and does so with quicker turnaround than anyone on the market.

    Dr. Thomas J Healy, CMB

    President & Chief Strategy Officer

    Dr. Thomas J. Healy has over 30 years of unmatched experience in financial valuation and value modeling.


    Tom Healy III

    Chief Operating Officer

    Tom Healy was appointed Chief Operating Officer in June of 2019, after serving as the firm's Vice President of Sales and Marketing.


    Kate Ledford

    Director at Level1Data

    Ms. Ledford has been an integral part of the growth of the company since its start. With her attention to detail and client-centric mentality, Kate has consistently earned the trust and admiration of clients and peers alike.


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