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Level1Analytics Adds Delinquency Migration Module

January 26, 2016 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla - Level1Analytics LLC, leader in financial modeling software to the mortgage lending industry, today announced the release of their new Delinquency Migration Module within its robust L1aMSR™ analytic platform.

"This functionality addresses a major need in the industry by providing the ability to take current and historical credit information, at the loan level, and project by month the probability of future delinquencies.  The software then converts the data and provides detailed reports which include monthly revenue, expense, and staffing projections," states Dr. Thomas J. Healy, CMB, president of Level1Analytics. "L1aMSR is already the fastest and most powerful tool in this space, and this feature only enhances the ability of our clients to make smarter, more informed decisions that manage their risk and improve their execution.  This adds the ability for our clients to look proactively at their book of business not only managing value but targeting operational risk as well."

L1aMSR is company's first product for Mortgage Servicing Rights Valuation

The company's first product, L1aMSR, is a first of its kind, cloud-based software as a service that provides banks, mortgage banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and others with the do-it-yourself capabilities to value and stress test their Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR).  The system is updated monthly to reflect the latest prepay speeds and assumptions.  Users can rely on these market tested variables or use their own. By simply uploading loan level portfolio characteristics into Level1Analytics' secure platform, what used to take days or a team of analysts to accomplish is completed in a matter of minutes. The software is licensed to organizations under a subscription model and provides the power to make informed MSR management and investment decisions using the most complete stratification, valuation, and accounting software available.

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Level1Analytics LLC, headquartered in Yardley, Pennsylvania, provides financial modeling software to the mortgage lending industry. The company develops cloud based software technology that allows financial institutions to value their mortgage portfolios and mortgage based assets in an easy, accurate, defensible, economical, and transparent way. For more information go to www.level1analytics.com.

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