Level1Analytics' Services:

Financial Modeling Services

Level1Analytics offers valuation and financial modeling services for mortgages and mortgage related assets, including mark-to-market and economic valuations, default and prepay risk analysis, and loan-loss-provision estimates.

Our proprietary system provides slotting and pricing of mortgage asset portfolios based on quoted prices, for identical assets, in active markets as of the valuation date. Loans and servicing rights that do not match existing product being acquired by the major aggregators are priced using our proprietary Cash Flow Valuation Model.

Potential Benefits

The Level1Analytics Difference

Level1Analytics is the nation’s only valuation firm that is not also a broker. This benefits you in two ways:

Additionally, because we have developed and own our valuation models, we can more easily modify them to the particular idiosyncrasies of a portfolio or to changing economic dynamics.

Other Services