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Asset Valuation

Level1Analytics has the capacity to perform third-party asset valuation and stress testing, including mark-to-market analysis, of customers’ mortgage and mortgage-based assets.

Leveraging more than 30 years of loan valuation experience, we have the knowledge and capability to provide accurate market assumptions based on customers’ environments. Our operations are free from the constraints and conflicts of interest associated with brokers and brokerages, allowing for a more comprehensive, unbiased understanding of current activity. The defensible assumptions we assign provide an accurate market value of the assets, and are supported by an official letter of opinion for auditor requirements. Our cost-effective, thorough services eliminate the need for specialized staff or costly software, while ensuring portfolio owners, managers, and regulators have the outputs they need to make informed decisions. Finally, we treat each customer as if they are our only customer, continuing to work with them even after the valuation report is delivered to ensure customers and their regulators/auditors are satisfied with the results.


Asset Valuation Services


Uniquely Suited. True Valuation.

Level1Analytics is the nation’s only valuation firm that is not also a broker. This benefits our customers in two distinct and advantageous ways:

Additionally, because we have developed and own our valuation models, we can more easily modify them to the particular idiosyncrasies of a portfolio, or changing economic dynamics.

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